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Vendor Relations

Local vendors, with the best service, for the best price. Every time.

Our contractor/supplier network is unsurpassed in the region.  This is where the big company muscle and small company service come into play. Towne Properties Raleigh District recognizes that contractors/vendors are in business to make money.  The contractors/vendors understand that we are the agent for the community and as such want the best deal possible with the highest quality of work performed on time.  Mutual respect means that we have been able to build loyalty with a very large “pool” of contractors and vendors.  Do the job right and you will be paid in a timely manner.  We get results due to mutual respect and clear communication that our managers provide.

Have a project?

Our local community managers are ideal for these tasks because they know the local providers, their reputation, and reliability. Your manager can help ensure that work specifications are detailed enough to secure the most cost-effective bids to do the work.

Professional at work!

Another important aspect of our contractor/vendor relations is ensuring that all contractors or service providers are properly insured. Towne Properties Raleigh District builds in safeguards to help prevent adverse vendor actions such as fines, suits, penalties and damage claims. If they don’t meet the requirements for insurance or worker’s compensation, they are taken out of our system.  Protecting your interests is important to us.