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Find out why communities love working with Talis Management Group by reading our client testimonials below.

I live in Raven Pointe, a townhome community in North Raleigh, and I love that the property is well maintained and has adequate reserves. Great place to live if you’re looking for a townhome. Hats off to Talis Management and the board.

– Annie W.

Crystal and Talis thank you so much for all your help … I really appreciate everything. So glad to know that I have someone I can trust to “get things done” at Talis. Seriously, you were so helpful. I am happy to have Talis in charge of my community.

– Dan A.

I am a homeowner in a community managed by Talis, and their attention to detail has been a blessing. Before buying property in an HOA managed community, I heard a lot of horror stories from friends who were managed by other companies about paying a ton of money for a lot of nothing. Talis is a large company but never makes you feel that way as a customer. I have always received attentive and polite service, and I appreciate them staying on top of tenants with the sanitation standards of Boo Radley. Thank you for keeping my community looking beautiful, Talis!

– Sarah J.

Prompt and professional – My husband and I have been Talis Management HOA homeowners for almost two years. On the few occasions that we have had some needs or issues, they have been addressed and taken care of in a very professional and timely manner. As a home owner and a local residential real estate broker, I think highly of the Talis Management team.

– Heels2011

Talis is great! I just wanted to express my thanks to the staff of Talis Management. I have always found the staff to be courteous and helpful. I have had several issues over the past few years, which were dealt with quickly and to my satisfaction. They even went out of their way to let me know the issues would be taken care of and followed up to made sure they were done to my satisfaction. I have made several requests for repairs, which were taken care of quickly and to my satisfaction. This is not the norm from my experience with other HOAs.

– D. Wise

Great service – I would also like to thank you personally for your prompt, courteous responses to my questions and requests currently and in the past. I have owned my townhome for 16 years and feel that since Talis took over the management, the service has been great.

– R. Clayton

Responsive, friendly, and knows what they’re doing (so rare). We’ve worked with two other management companies in the past and Talis is simply the best. They are responsive and knowledgeable. That was 99.9% of what we needed and we could only get it from Talis! We are so pleased with them, and after only a year, see a major positive change in our neighborhood.

– Jo1971

I have worked with Talis Management numerous times and they always go the extra mile for me. I want to personally thank them for listening to my concerns and taking care of any issues that I have ever had. They are extremely professional and a genuinely empathetic group while maintaining the ability to get the job done at the same time. Thanks go out to Talis.

– Tayrn S.