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Our People

Skilled, experienced and trusted. Our Regional Vice Presidents, Association Managers, and Customer Service Representative team members are the best in the business.  The Towne Properties Raleigh District Team’s organizational structure makes sure business goes on uninterrupted – no matter the situation.

Towne Properties Raleigh District is committed to hire and retain the best in the community management business.  This commitment is made solid through advances in our Training Department.  Towne University, administered through our full-time Training Department, is a leader in staff development and training.  The training team develops courses and seminars that help team members stay up to date on industry changes. Towne Properties Raleigh District team members are brought into our training center to develop and improve skills as well as make connections with other Team members to exchange ideas and information.  We value each individual and have training suited for all skill levels.  The majority of our managers hold Community Association Institute certifications for PCAM, AMS, and CMCA or maintain individual certifications granted by state-level professional organizations.  All of these certifications require annual continuing education credits. Towne Properties Raleigh District is committed to providing you with the most knowledgeable staff available.



Meet your greatest ally in association management. Our Association Managers have the training and experience necessary to give your community proven recommendations and knowledgeable support for your individual association needs. Your community manager attends and documents all meetings, handles vendors, strategizes and plans for future needs – and in turn, is your board’s action arm.


As Coach – The Manager coaches the Board of Directors in its duties and helps organize and conduct meetings to improve their effectiveness for policy-making. The effective Manager helps the President stay focused on business for maximum efficiency. The Manager should advise when Board discussions and/or actions appear to deviate from the Association’s and Board’s governing documents.

As Organizer – The Manager should play an active role in the thorough preparation and organization of meetings by assisting in the preparation of agendas.   The Manager should, as necessary, present a concise and understandable report focused on the agenda. The Manager should anticipate and provide answers to the Board’s questions in said report.

As Tactician – The Manager must understand the dynamics of the Board of Directors in order to anticipate their questions. The Manager should get to know and understand each Board member’s personality, background and experience. Constructive suggestions must be delivered tactfully recognizing varying levels of sensitivity.

As Communicator – Our goal is to respond back in-kind within 24 hours.  Clear communication is mission critical when it comes to solving problems and accomplishing task delegated.  The Manager should work with a newsletter committee to develop the format and content. The Manager should advise how the newsletter presentation can encourage readership, promote pride and teamwork in the community, as well as provide the pertinent Board meeting information.

As Diplomat – Phone calls fielded by Managers deal with financial, maintenance and general information questions. Sometimes callers are upset and angry. By attentiveness and asking questions, the Manager can demonstrate the incredibly effective communication tool of caring. Once the caller feels understood, the Manager can move on to problem solving. As the saying goes, “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Ethics – Managers must make an intentional effort to avoid conflicts of interest or any appearance of impropriety. Your Association Manager must strive for transparency and open communication in relations with Association members, vendors, owners and investors.


We’re proactive, so none of your issues go unresolved. The CSA is your 2nd level of backup in community management.  Your CSA is active in the everyday issues and handles community member concerns.  They really become key troubleshooters and “fixers”.  They bring real value to the Board and community.  Board members have access to some powerful tools and training that help them in being effective board members, and our CSA’s strive to assist community members as well as Board members at all times.


It’s always good to have a backup. Your Regional Vice President has seen it all in their years in the industry, meaning your backup has the ability to catch oversights we’ve encountered in the past. They are kept up to date on all community business and can step in without missing a beat. They can also bring in extra resources to solve tough problems or resolve issues.

To make things even easier, community members also have a backup for their payment issues with our Accounting Department. Towne Properties Raleigh District has fully staffed accounts payable and accounts receivable departments with trusted experts ready to help.