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On-site Staff

For communities with on-site staff, including those that may have part-time on-site personnel, Towne Properties Raleigh District offers a full-service Human Resources Department, Training Department and depth of leadership and experience that is unsurpassed in the region.

FULL SUPPORT- depth of staff, understanding of regional challenges

Sometimes being on-site feels like you are on a ship all by yourself. Towne Properties Raleigh District provides the leadership and support that on-site staff needs to keep going in the right direction.  Our Regional Vice Presidents work with the On-site management team to help solve problems and provide solutions that only come from broad market experience. This regional problem-solving helps the on-site team stay focused on the job at hand and provides insight into how other communities are handling challenges. Support and backing are critical to keeping on-site staff moving forward with the day to day hurdles and the ability to tackle large seasonal challenges that all communities face.


Towne Properties Raleigh District is committed to hire and retain the best in the community management business.  This commitment is made solid through our advances in our Training Department.  Towne University, administered through our full-time Training Department, is a leader in staff development and training.  The training team working with the association management syllabus of Towne University develops courses and seminars that help on-site staff stay up to date on industry changes. The on-site staff is brought in to develop and improve skills as well as make connections with other regional on-site personnel to exchange ideas and information.  The majority of our managers hold Community Association Institute certifications for PCAM, AMS and CMCA or maintain individual certifications granted by state-level professional organizations.  All of these certifications require annual continuing education credits. Towne Properties Raleigh District is committed to providing you with the most knowledgeable on-site staff available.


There are numerous laws and regulations governing the employment relationship that HR professionals must understand and navigate in order to help ensure their organizations avoid costly fines and other penalties, including the potential harm to the organization’s reputation. Towne Properties Raleigh District HR group provides services that keep your staff working in a positive direction to get the business of the association completed.  Less time on HR issues means more productivity!

Services include:

  • Maintaining employment files
  • Performing background searches
  • E-Verify eligibility to work in U.S
  • Employee Orientations
  • Providing and administering benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation compliance and reporting
  • EEOC reports and claims
  • 401k Plan
  • Affordable Care Act tracking and reporting

Towne Properties Raleigh District HR group provides guidance on grievances/complaints, attendance, disciplinary and performance issues. We review and revise practices to remain compliant with new or changing legislation, develop personnel policies and keep your association manager informed on employment regulations.