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Easy Switch to Towne

EASY – That is why most Boards say “Switch Towne On”!

Once again it is the people and systems in place, well-established, tried and true, that makes it all happen.

5 Steps to a successful smooth transition

  1. Choose the management organization that is the best fit for your community and Board.  Make sure they have the people, processes, and protection that your community needs. Towne Properties Raleigh District has it all!
  2. Make sure they have the support staff needed to communicate clearly and effectively to your community members.  The Towne Properties Raleigh District transition team works every day of every month to assure that community members agree that the Board decision was the right decision.  We have the people and systems in place so that there is not a lapse in the management of your community.  Clear communication up front!
  3. Facilitate the actions that the Board takes to make a change. In most situations, the requirements of making a move from one management firm to another are simple and straightforward.  We have the documents needed to make a change, timelines and clear instructions on what is required to ease the task for the Board.
  4. Collect up documents and set up systems.  Some are surprised to find out that Towne Properties Raleigh District personnel actually collect the paper documents from the previous management site and transport them to the office where they are then audited and kept in storage for the association.  We set up all the files in our software systems and all accounts are balanced from information provided.  It is part of the no hassle service to you.
  5. RELAX- we have this!  You can rest assured that Towne Properties Raleigh District will work to make sure that the transition is smooth and that your community members are taken care of from day one.  Our goal is to quickly get a good grasp on the challenges and overcome some hurdles for the Board immediately.  1st impressions are lasting impressions.  We want the lasting impression to be that the Board made the right decision when they made a change to Towne Properties Raleigh District!