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Collections & Enforcement

At Towne Properties Raleigh District handling Association matters with diplomacy and tact is considered mission critical.  The community members are critically important to the community morale and outlook toward the Association Board.  Proper communication with the Board and community members is key to settling issues in the most positive manner possible.

Portrait of a business woman holding a laptop and speaking on the cellphone outdoorsCOLLECTIONS

Tired of seeing delinquent accounts on the financial statements of your condo or HOA?

Frustrated because subpar finances mean long-planned projects are on hold indefinitely? Less than thrilled about continually explaining the situation to the homeowners in your association?

Stop letting nonpaying owners control your condo or homeowners association!

It is critically important for Boards to have clear procedures for handling delinquencies and to enforce them consistently.

The challenge to the Board and your manager is twofold:

  1. Lower the rate of delinquent accounts
  2. Increase the proportion of recovered debts

We help track accounts from the day of delinquency, through the lien and foreclosure stages. If necessary, an aggressive collection effort can be implemented.


Regular property inspections are part of your community manager’s functions. They report violations of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations and Design Standards, according to the policy of the Board. With the Boards guidance on enforcement criteria when an issue is noted, they will provide notice to the community members whose properties are out of compliance and will work with the community member to resolve the issue.