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Your records remain accurate and up to date as Towne Properties Raleigh District maintains one of the most highly accurate community association databases.  The Yardi Software package that we utilize is a financial management tool that is a full-featured system that meets all applicable accounting standards.

Towne Properties Raleigh District works in conjunction with a third party provider to simplify the complex and time-consuming tasks of disclosing information for the sale or refinance of properties within your managed communities. Our system affords you tremendous control over the timely processing, delivery, and record retention required to meet and exceed state regulations.

After the closing, welcome packages are mailed to the new owners which contain contact information for the community manager, along with assessment billing information.

Instructions are also provided to the new owner which guides them to 24–hour access to their community’s PORTAL.  Homeowners also learn how to go to their personal account as well as pay bills online or place work orders.