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Board Support




The Association Managers role is to provide information, training and guidance on community operations to the board, committees and the community at large.  The manager is also charged with providing the necessary administrative tools to the board to enable it to make wise, informed decisions on both short-term and long-term actions and goals.



We work with the Community Association Institute (CAI) to provide opportunity for Board education as well as through local vendors of association services that promote a more full understanding of the Board member responsibilities and role in the proper efficient operation of their community.  Each Towne Association Manager is required to attend continuous education training through both internal (Towne University) and external sources to further help them guide Boards in the application of the responsibilities.



  • Towne Properties also utilizes an annual survey system in which the Board members can provide feedback on the services that are being provided.  This communication helps us offer specific solutions to any outstanding issues you may be facing.
  • To further ensure that you and your association members are completely satisfied, Towne Properties Regional Vice Presidents are locating in your area.  The Regional Vice President is the ultimate Board satisfaction facilitator.